Seven Days sound + image collaboration:

Days 1-5 trailers

A collaboration exploring ways of combining sound and imagery to depict each day of the seven days of creation.

Matthew Guy Sear: ‘Like my own music, Mina’s art is informed by occurrences/stories as well as world events, but more importantly, there is a strong connection through Judaism. My idea that I pitched to Mina, was for us both (as composer and artist), to respond to the story of creation, both creating a piece based on each day, as described in the Torah (Genesis, in the Old Testament). The artwork and music will be performed together, with a large cinema screen featuring Mina’s visual of each day of creation and music performed by live performers at each side of the screen. At the time of writing, this project is very much behind the scenes.’

Live premiere June 3rd, 2021 at Blackheath Halls, London.

Viewer discretion is advised for people with photosensitive epilepsy.